Our Mission

The AADH leverages the religious and cultural resources of the African American experience,
and assets of Chautauqua Institution to engage multicultural and interfaith groups around race and other issues critical to achieving an equitable society.

The AADH carries out its mission in the following ways:

  • Education: provides forums for engaging issues of justice, peace and faith by hosting conversations, lecture series and film festivals, as well as creating training and experiential learning opportunities to provide participants with the will and skill to use their sphere of influence to promote peace and advocate for justice,
  • Community Building: establishes a platform for building relationships by creating space for intentional learning and coexisting together, and
  • Personal Growth: serves as a refuge for personal renewal by promoting spiritual reflection, retreat and physical recreation.

Our Values

  • The ideals of justice and equity — we seek to be, both in organizational culture and our work in the world, led by fairness in the negotiation of power
  • ecumenism and interfaith cooperation — we welcome the ways multiple faith and belief systems can serve as repositories of practical wisdom for our work
  • mutuality in relationships — we seek to enable the gifts, passion and interests of all involved in our work, and make space for all voices to be heard
  • the free exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences — we are committed to discovering the lessons of our shared history and continuing to learn together as a means to personal growth
  • respect of differences — we maintain that different does not mean deficient and accept the multiple identities (race, gender, class, sexuality, ability, religious, etc.) we all hold
  • transparency and authenticity — we seek to be clear and forthright in the goals and objectives of our work, and in the process of fulfilling our mission
  • creativity — we welcome and celebrate a variety of expressive forms including artistic, spiritual, intellectual and institutional traditions and innovations.